La Porte Bonheur Blue Door

When used together, porte-bonheur means lucky charm. Everything that you find on La Porte Bonheur was chosen specifically to be a porte (gateway or door) to bonheur (happiness, joy, pleasure, bliss, and delight). We believe that these French antiques have the ability to bring happiness and joy through your doors and into your lives. The pieces will become more than just beautiful objects from the moment you first use them to create memories with loved ones.

La Porte Bonheur has always been a dream. After returning to Paris from Normandy following the confinement period the dream transformed into a reality. 

For eight straight weeks in Normandy we gathered around a beautifully set table for lunch and dinner. We marked the passage of time by celebrating the little things, like toasting our first week with beautiful mix and match crystal champagne coupes. Suddenly antique Limoges porcelain bowls were getting a new life holding homemade tortilla chips and queso. These moments quickly added up to become bigger, special memories.

La Porte Bonheur is a way to bring the French joie de vivre and art de vivre into your homes and lives. We believe in using the objects often. Don't worry if you get a small chip or even if something breaks. It's part of life. Hopefully one day you'll regard the items as your lucky charms.