large blue glass ball vintage french christmas ornament

Large Blue Ball Glass Ornament

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Original French vintage large blue ball "Verre Eglomisé" glass ornament. Likely dates from the 19th century. This blue ball Christmas ornament is a vibrant shade of blue and would be absolutely stunning on a tree or displayed with other ornaments in an arrangement.

  • Original French vintage mercury glass ornament
  • Large blue ball mercury glass ornament is approximately 4.5 inches
  • Good condition - there are slight white markings on one side

"Verre Eglomisé" is a process of applying gilding on the rear face of a glass surface to produce a mirror effect.

CARE: We recommend carefully boxing and storing your ornaments when not in use. If possible, store them where they're not exposed to extreme heat or cold.

Large blue ball glass ornament discovered in Chatou, France.