set of six mini vintage french mercury glass ornaments

Set of Six Mini Mercury Glass Ornaments

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Set of six mini original French vintage mercury glass ornaments. Likely date from the 1950's. These ornaments would be perfect on a smaller tree, but could also be used as decorative items around the house because they sit flat. 

  • Original French vintage mercury glass ornaments
  • Set of six mini mercury glass ornaments are approximately 2 inches tall each
  • Very good condition

Mercury glass, also known as silvered glass, contains neither mercury nor silver. It's actually clear glass, mold-blown into double-walled shapes and coated on the inside with a silvering formula, which is inserted though a small hole that is then sealed with a plug.

CARE: We recommend carefully boxing and storing your ornaments when not in use. If possible, store them where they're not exposed to extreme heat or cold.

Set of six mini mercury glass ornaments discovered in Chatou, France.