Watercolor Quai Voltaire Apartments by Nikolla Dhales - La Porte Bonheur

Watercolor Quai Voltaire by Nikolla Dhales

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Original watercolor of Quai Voltaire by artist Nikolla Dhales. The watercolor features beautiful Parisian facades, including 13 Quai Voltaire, one of the smallest buildings in Paris. 

  • Quai Voltaire watercolor by Nikolla Dhales measures 30 x 20.5 cm (11.8 x 8.1 inches) and is painted on thick watercolor paper.
  • The watercolor was displayed outside so there may be slight marks along the white border

The Quai Voltaire watercolor was purchased directly from artist Nikolla Dhales.

About the Bouquinistes Auction

The bouquinistes (book sellers) have been setting up along the Seine since the 16th century. They sell everything from books to photographs, watercolors, old magazines and advertisements, souvenir trinkets and more. Today, there are 227 book sellers selling from the green boxes. They’re located from the Quai du Louvre to Pont Marie on the Right Bank and from Quai Voltaire to Quai de la Tournelle on the Left Bank.

The lockdowns and lack of tourism in Paris due to the pandemic has been devastating for the bouquinistes.

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